Monday, August 31, 2009


Gestalt's theory is that our mind is vast enough to put things together no matter how jumbled they are. No matter how you mess up a photo whether is has distortions, is reflected, has negative shapes. Then Gestalt has certain laws within his theory. Law of closure is when something is perceived complete when their is enough of the shape given. Law of Similarity is something that is even is grouped together if and only if it is related. Law of Proximity is the law showing that if things are closer together they are grouped together than the things further apart. Law of Symmetry things that are symmetrical are in the same grouping. Law of Continuity if a pattern is found people repete it. Law of Fate things that look of have the same feeling are grouped together.

Monday, August 24, 2009


The use of it in a sentence. Semiotics shows how language or symbols mean something totally different or the symbols are used to describe something. Semiotics helps show relationships and tells the meaning of something that looks meaningless. The semiotics of the American flag is peace and freedom; I guess that would be an example of it in a sentence.

The School

Well, the classes that I have already took are Drawing 1 and 2 along with Design 1 and 2. Those were experienced my freshman year. This first semester of sophmore year I am taking Painting 1, Introduction to Graphic Design and Illustration, American Government, Art Survey, and Figure Construction. Figure Construction has to be the hippist class i have. My plans for future classes are Print Making, Drawing 3, Art Survey 2, Typography, and Design 3. Thats for next semester but my overall goal is to make it all the way to Advanced Illustration and Life Drawing.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009